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Food Services

Taher, Inc. welcomes you to the 2018-2019 school year! We are excited that your school has chosen us to partner with them and provide the Siena Catholic Schools with an exciting and nutritionally-balanced school food service program. For over 37 years, Taher has been managing and operating food service programs. Now in more than 150 school districts nationwide, we implement programs that correspond with each district’s mission and goals.

Taher’s Food4Life menu offerings incorporate chef-developed, made-from scratch items, which are trans-fat free and contain healthy whole grains. A fruit & vegetable bar is part of every meal with up to 5 choices of fruits and vegetables every day! There are lots of choices within our meal service, including:

  • Students will enjoy a choice of 2 lunch entrees each day which will include a hot and a cold item.
  • Promotions will be a part of the monthly menu throughout the school year to encourage students to participate in the Breakfast and Lunch Program.

A grab and go breakfast meal will be offered daily, at all grade levels. Breakfast consists of 4 components and students may decline 1, however, one of the 3 must be a minimum of a half cup fruit and or vegetable. Studies show that children who eat breakfast perform better when tested on cognitive functions such as short term memory, arithmetic and logical reasoning, essential for success in school. Start your child's day off right with a nutritious meal!

Per the menu requirements for school meals, students who choose a complete lunch meal will enjoy fruits and vegetables from our fruit & vegetable bar. With offer versus serve, students must select at least 3 of the 5 components to make a full meal with 1 of those components being a full serving of fruit or vegetable. Anything less than a full meal will be charged using a la carte prices. The school nutrition program needs the support of parents to succeed! Parents can support our healthy eating initiative by encouraging your child to give healthier meals a try or by joining your child for lunch and talking about the healthy options on the menu.

We promote our Harvest of the Month Program to expose students to fresh, healthy foods and try something they may not normally try at home. We use “On Display” chef demonstrations or give out samples to try! Weekly educational fact flyers are prominently displayed in the café with fun facts aimed to garner interest and attention to the food. Our “Healthy to a T” newsletter, which will be posted on the School’s food service website, incorporates tips on a healthy lifestyle, and features interesting facts and a recipe for you to try at home for either the featured fruit, vegetable, spice or herb.

Meal Magic is used to process student breakfast, lunch, snack and a la carte purchases. It is like a checkbook and money needs to be in the account in order for purchases to be made. Students will be issued a pin number which is used to make purchases from the account.  You can submit payments to your school office secretary and soon you will be pay online through

Student Paid......... $1.50
Student Reduced . $0.30
Adults ................... $2.00

Student Paid......... $2.95
Student Reduced . $0.40
Adults ................... $4.90
Extra Milk ............. $0.50

Log onto to fill out a F/R application or return a paper copy to the school office as soon as possible. The NSLP program provides Federal funds for students to receive F/R breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the school year. The program is not related to the SCHOOL CHOICE program and an application must be filled out to receive the benefit as it is not automatic. Student Identification is not known in the lunch line.

Reduced Lunch forms



 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

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