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Family Involvement

St. Rita School considers the parents/guardians as the first educators of the child.  We expect that adults will provide:

  • an example and model of positive virtues and faith life,
  • the fostering of self-discipline, courtesy, and confidence, and
  • strong support of the child's educational, physical, and emotional needs.

Parents/guardians of our students add greatly to the success of our programs in many areas of extended school life. Our families participate in school and parish faith life activities, events, committee work, and daily activities during the school day such as lunchtime, library, playground, and classroom helpers. Service hours to the parish and school, as well as fundraising for school improvement, are part of each family's commitment.  This investment of time and talent creates a stronger connection between family and school. We are proud to have a close and active connection between home and school. Our newcomers are oriented to St. Rita School with the help of a "buddy family" to learn more about school activities and expectations.


All adults coming into contact with children must have the Archdiocese-sponsored SAFEGUARDING training and a background check.  Click here to learn more about Safeguarding.